Health, Social Services and Health Tourism

Dynamism in healthcare systems as far as certifications, assessments, audits, trainings and evidencing competence are concerned can hardly be outdone in view of the development of sector specific standards and regulations. It is not only increasingly requirements relating to quality and its evidencing that are being placed on the different institutions. Compliance also is demanded in legal and statutory requirements. Quality Austria GmbH does not only offer its customers a large range of certifications, assessments and trainings in recognized courses but also the expert knowledge of federally recognized specialists. This helps to guarantee that our customers are not only always provided with the latest knowledge but can also create sustainable value themselves.

As could be foreseen for a long time, healthcare systems are undergoing a change that is partly driven by the new technological, demographic, legal, statutory, economic, ecological and social developments of knowledge. All the levels of organizations active in healthcare (legal, statutory, political, strategic and operational levels) are increasingly taking dynamism into consideration by aiming at ensuring that it also is in healthcare that services provided and relevant performance are made transparent and traceable. This dynamism is not only driven by international developments but doubtlessly also by legislation (Act about Responsibility of Associations, Act about Medical Products, Act about Doctors, …) and media. What nobody would have thought to be imaginable already is reality: an action filed against a hospital because of negligent homicide. This means the topic of “legal compliance” is increasingly becoming important. For it is, above all, in private institutions that existential risks might be imminent. In addition, however, there already is competitive struggle for “customers” because the reforms of healthcare systems necessitate maintenance of Departments, among other things due to the growing number of patients or operations.

System certification, verification and validation

  • New ÖNORM EN 15224 Health care services — Quality management systems — Requirements based on EN ISO 9001:2008
  • KTQ (Cooperation for Transparency and Quality) for Hospitals
  • KTQ for nursing homes
  • ISO 15189 (verification within the scope of the ISO 9001 audit)
  • GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) verification

Austria Quality Seal for services

  • Austrian Certified Quality Company – Home Nursing
  • GRL01: Care Facilities For Elderly People (residential and in-patient)
  • GRL03: Health tourism – Best Health Austria
  • GRL06: Austria quality seal for Medical Practices

Training and certification of persons


  • Course series Quality Management in Healthcare QB/QM GW
  • Course series Risk Management in Healthcare RMGW

Informative events due current cause

  • Information event: IFS Food Version 6 – what's new?
  • Informationsveranstaltung: The new EU Food Information Regulation - added value for the consumer or burden for the food industry?

Refresher courses

  • Refresher course for Quality Systems Managers and Auditors with focus on Health RQA-GW

In-house training sessions

  • Quality Austria offers all the series of courses, single courses, seminars and refresher courses stated in the Service Catalogue as well as special workshops about the topic of health, social services and health tourism as an in-house variant.
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    LuLu Group gets prestigious international certification
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    Ali Bin Ali Technology Solutions successfully obtains ISO 9001 certification!
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