Motivation and benefits
Due to its inestimable value, information forms the heart of modern organizations. The needs for their protection go far beyond technical IT security. Correspondingly “IT Service Management” processes run through the whole organization like veins and enable high-quality IT services at reduced costs.

As an accredited Certification Body for Information Security acc. to ISO 27001 and IT Service Management acc. to ISO 20000, Quality Austria offers you efficient combined audits for integrated system certification with other ISO Standards in cooperation with CIS.

The whole field of information security is developing extremely dynamically. Security incidents, which range from global virus attacks to data losses damaging the image, have made people aware of the necessity to have controllable information security management systems (ISMS). The International Standard “ISO/IEC 27001 Information technology – Security techniques – Information security management systems – Requirements” specifies the requirements relating to establishing, introducing, operating, monitoring, maintaining, and improving a documented information security management system while considering the risks throughout the organization. In this respect, all the kinds of organizations (e.g., commercial enterprises, federal organizations, or non-profit organizations) will be considered.