Environmental management systems help to increase continual development of environmental performance by ensuring:

  • systematic, objective, and periodic assessment of environmental performance
  • information and an open dialogue with the public
  • commitment to keeping all the environmental regulations (legal compliance)

The European Union (EU)
The European Union (EU) is committed to enhancing prosperity that must not rely on exploiting the natural resources and damaging the environment. Based on this commitment, EU environmental policy has been developed. Trade and industry are invited to contribute to implementation of the environmental objectives by using management systems and special environmental programmers.

Austrian Ecolabel
Quality Austria is an approved inspection body for selected ecolabels:

  • Ecolabel Textiles
  • UZ 02 Graphic paper/EU Ecolabel “Copy and graphic paper” and “newsprint”
  • UZ 06 Furniture
  • UZ 07 Wood and wood-based materials
  • UZ 18 Products from recycled paper
  • UZ 24 Printed Products/EU Ecolabel “Printed paper”
  • UZ 27 Environmentally oriented travel tickets
  • UZ 28 Weather-resistant wood products
  • UZ 56 Floor coverings
  • UZ 66 Low-emission transport systems

Further information: www.umweltzeichen.at

The blue angel
Quality Austria is registered for conducting external audits based on the following RAL guidelines (basic award criteria are valid until 2018):

  • RAL-UZ 5: Sanitary Paper Products made of Recycled Paper (Edition June 2013)
  • RAL-UZ 14: Recycled Paper (Edition February 2013)
  • RAL-UZ 35: Wallpapers and Woodchip Wall Coverings primarily made of Recycled Paper
  • RAL-UZ 56: Recycled Cardboard (Edition July 2014)
  • RAL-UZ 65: Unbleached Paper Filters for Use with Hot or Boiling Water (Edition February 2014)
  • RAL-UZ 72: Printing and Publication Papers (Edition July 2014)

Further information: www.blauer-engel.de